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Presentation is the first impression for you and your business. The first thing your audience will see is how you present your products & services; it’s like how a person would dress to represent their purpose and personality. Imagine our teams of professionals are there to work for you. We will gain a full knowledge of your expectation and ideas, working together to deliver the image of your branding and marketing that carry through on your business space to achieve a unified result.


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Established in 2008, O2 Concepts began with the dream of the founder to bring design to every part of daily life. Originally founded to service Midwestern clients, our clientele has expanded to both domestic and international clients. Over the years, we noticed that our customers and partners demanded additional services that we could provide. Instead of having different designers on a project, they would rather trust our team to deliver unified design concepts that not only serves the purpose in aesthetic level, but branding & marketing as well. O2 Concepts is a design & business consulting company that offers a full range of services from interior design to business branding and marketing to help you to achieve your domestic or business goals.

The modern consumers are smart, sharing big data, searching and comparing products. We strive to understand their needs and shopping habit. Our team is formed with members of professional and experienced backgrounds consisting of designers, MBAs, digital, marketing event specialists, & IT specialists. We can partner with you from the beginning of your project to the end, or consult on specific needs during your endeavor. We can support you in anything from creation of your business plan to stream lining your business.

Everything around us involves design. In the modern age, design is not only a luxury choice, but is a necessary part of our life. Our use of design to serve our clients and their business better is the key factor that differentiates O2 Concepts from our competitors.